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Cultivating Community Wellness Initiative – FRENCH

The Cultivating Community Wellness Initiative, funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, seeks to support the mental health of Direct Support Professionals amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The goal of the Cultivating Community Wellness Initiative is to bring people together from across the sector to develop skills, to help each other through regular sharing and connecting with one another.  With support from the Provincial Network (and many other agencies), recorded webinars and resources are offered on the REAL Xchange platform to help Direct Support Professionals and other employees in the sector get through the next stage of the pandemic, supporting each other, people with disabilities and our communities.

Webinar Date & Title:Presented By:Webinar Recording:Webinar Description:Webinar Documents and Website Resources:
Grief and Loss During the COVID-19 Pandemic – August 4th, 2021Catherine Baquero
Nadia Mia
Click here for webinar recording.Social Workers from Surrey Place Adult Program discuss grief during the pandemic and how it might impact direct support professionals and the people they support. They share some valuable resources on the topic.Click here for webinar documents.
Vaccine, Variants and Vacations - July 7, 2021Angela Gonzales
Dr. Yona Lunsky
Nicole Bobbette
Click here for webinar recording.Listen to a presentation about the latest information on vaccines and variants and some thoughts and research about the importance of taking even a little bit of a break.Click here for webinar documents.
Cultivating Community Wellness Introductory Webinar - June 2, 2021Dr. Yona Lunsky
Nicolle Bobbette
Click here for webinar recording.In this webinar, the presenters discuss research about Ontario’s Direct Support Professionals during COVID-19, the Cultivating Community Wellness Initiative and a brief discussion on mental health including micro practices.Click here for webinar documents.

CAMH: Recognizing the Mental Health Needs of an Essential Workforce: Being a Direct Support Professional in the Time of COVID-19

Website Resources:

CAMH: Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mental Health Commission of Canada: Mental Health First Aid - COVID19 Self-Care Resilience Guide