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A Hub for Resources, Knowledge Exchange, Collaboration and Learning in the DS Sector.

Designed with busy service providers in mind.

Powered by Community Living Essex County

Promoting Collaboration and Sharing

Let’s put our heads together.

Community Living Essex County created REAL Xchange with a vision to bring agencies together to share the information, tools and resources needed to best support people with intellectual disabilities.


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Collective Effort

We recognize the need for collaboration and organized information sharing in a transformed Developmental Services Sector in Ontario.

The Real Xchange was born building on the concept of a Center for Innovation and Quality Supports.

The REAL Xchange is a hub for resources, knowledge exchange and learning – a site where products, tools and services are available to assist organizations to improve services, spark new ideas and where opportunities for partnerships and collaboration are formed.

Knowledge Exchange
Knowledge Exchange

Sharing learnings, resources and successful practices from agencies province-wide on the Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) hub.


Facilitating conversations on innovative topics to explore and share great ideas across the sector.


Offering the guidance and support of leaders to modernize supports and services in all areas of operations.