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Submit your innovative project to the Knowledge Exchange – a network sharing learning, tools and resources developed for agencies, by agencies in the DS Sector.


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Has your organization completed an innovative project that other organizations can learn from? Consider submitting your project to the KTT network. We’ll help you package your documentation and learnings into a user friendly module.

For more information, please contact Amanda Mastronardi, Project Manager, REAL Xchange KTT at

To ensure that a variety of innovative initiatives or practices are captured, we are looking to organizations in the Developmental Services Sector to share their work. If your organization has completed a project, please consider submitting your learnings through the application below.

This is an application form to have your ongoing or completed project/initiative showcased, this is not an application for funding. Projects will be scored on a scale of 1-3 from ‘Limited to Best Practices’ on the following six attributes:

  • Adoption: the intention to employ an innovation or practice.
  • Appropriateness: defined as the “fit” or “compatibility” of a program/project in a given setting/community in addressing an issue or problem.
  • Cost: defined as the cost impact of the effort.
  • Feasibility: defined as the extent to which a program/project can be used or carried within a setting, agency, or community.
  • Sustainability: the extent to which a newly implemented project/program is maintained or institutionalized within a service setting and ongoing operations.
  • Priority/Relevance: the extent to which the project/initiative is relevant to KTT Hub and Network’s strategic direction and is aligned with MCCSS strategic priorities.

Applications will be reviewed by the KTT Partners. You will receive a response within 4-6 weeks of submitting you application.

Please review the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before filling out your application.  If your project/initiative is selected, completing the MOU will be a condition of final approval.

Click to fill out the Module Application Form

Key contact(Required)
Are there any additional tools and resources to make the module more practical and comprehensive?(Required)
Has the project/initiative content been evaluated?(Required)
Will someone from your agency be available to provide mentorship? (If applicable)(Required)
A Mentor is someone willing to voluntarily share their knowledge and experiences with a Mentee from another organization seeking guidance. Mentorship requires a minimum commitment of communication (through phone calls, video calls, email or in-person meetings) of 4 hours over a three-month period. This can be structured and divided to suit the needs of both organizations.
Is this information available in French?(Required)
Is someone from your organization that was involved in the project available to be filmed for a teaser video to promote your project and/or help develop a module about it?(Required)
Max. file size: 4 GB.
Maximum file size - 4096 mega bytes.
Max. file size: 2 GB.
*I have read the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and agree that if my project/initiative is accepted signing the MOU will be a condition of final approval.