­­­­­­­The Innovation Forum facilitates discussion & sharing.

Topics amongst service providers across the province include but are not limited to:

  • Serving families best in a modern world
  • Cost-effective support models that remain true to our core values
  • Reaching supporters and volunteers in every demographic
  • Current innovative support solutions for people and families
  • Cross-sector partnerships and their impact
  • Funding models and agency preparedness
  • Sharing best practices in the modernization of supports and services
  • Opportunities for collaboration on projects and initiatives to better serve people and families

Innovation Forums are facilitated by our Director, Marketing and Innovation and take place via videoconference.
Dial in numbers are provided as well.

We can share content on screen to enhance learning and accept questions via chat.

Every 6 weeks a new topic will be discussed as per the schedule provided below. Note – schedule subject to change based on guest presenter availability. Guest presenters from our sector and beyond will join Innovation Forums as appropriate for the topic. Innovation Forums will be limited to 90 minutes.

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Upcoming Innovation Forums
DateDescriptionEvent FlyerRecordings
February 10, 2021Best Practices for Engaging Virtual Meetings in the WorkplaceClick here for event flyerClick here for recording
July 30, 2020Virtual SupportsClick here for recording