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Knowledge Exchange

A Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) network
sharing learning, tools and resources developed for agencies,
by agencies in the DS Sector.


Community Living Essex County   ODEN Partners 4 Planning Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Our learning modules are designed with busy service providers in mind.

With support from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, the KTT network is making the adoption of innovative approaches easy with quick, user-friendly toolkits available for you to implement within your agency.

Modules posted below currently include content from Developmental Services agencies across the province of Ontario.

For more information, please contact Amanda Mastronardi, Project Manager, REAL Xchange KTT at

Please select a module below to get started:


Protecting Your Organization from Cybersecurity Attacks

In an era where cybersecurity threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace, understanding how to safeguard your agency has never been more critical. Todd Cox of Attache Group, offers actionable strategies for anyone looking to fortify their defenses against the digital dangers of today. Special attention is given to the unique challenges faced by small and mid-size agencies, ensuring tailored advice that’s both practical and effective.


Accessibility and Inclusion in the Non-Profit Sector – Disability and Workplace Accommodations

This module aims to assist individuals in the non-profit sector in expanding their current understanding of accessibility, inclusivity, disabilities, and workplace accommodations.  Module viewers will learn the importance, advantages, and current leading practices of providing workplace accommodations for their organizations and strategies for their effective implementation.


Having Tech on Deck 2.0 – Using Technology to Enhance Service Delivery with AI and Virtual Reality

The influence of technology reaches every facet of our lives, including the way we offer services and support to people with disabilities. This module aims to keep you updated on the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of technology.  Discover the benefits of emerging technologies and learn how to incorporate them into service and program delivery to assist people with disabilities. Explore the advantages of utilizing Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to enhance workforce development in our sector.


Facilitating Supportive Conversations – Creating Safe and Inclusive Spaces for Conversations

Navigating the diverse landscape of experiences related to disability and life, our professional interactions often bring us face-to-face with people whose perspectives and experience of disability differ significantly from our own. This module serves as a compass, guiding you in the creation of safe and supportive spaces for meaningful conversations with those whom you provide services and support.


CanChild’s F-Words For Child Development

CanChild's F-Words for Child Development - Family, Fun, Friends, Functioning, Fitness, and Future - give us a new way to think about how children grow and develop. They help us think about the things that children CAN do versus what they cannot do and how to focus on their strengths.

An Introduction to Employment Discovery Toolkit Training for Support Networks

An Introduction to Employment Discovery Toolkit Training for Support Networks

It is critical that everyone in a person’s network be aligned to support their employment goals. In this introductory module, you will gain insight about this interactive in-person or virtual training offered by the Ontario Disability Employment Network. Learn how everyone in a person’s support network can positively contribute to that person’s employment goals.

Youth Success Strategy for Developmental Services

Youth Success Strategy for Developmental Services

The Youth Success Strategy for Developmental Services module will explore strategies needed to create an inclusive employment vision for young people who have a developmental disability. Learn more about what needs to happen now to create a future for a person you provide support to, or a client, which includes meaningful, paid employment.

Disability Awareness & Confidence Training

An Introduction to the Online Disability Awareness & Confidence Training for the Developmental Services Sector

This module provides a high-level overview of ODEN’s DACT course, designed to help staff be more responsive to the broader abilities of people who have a disability. Learn about the benefits of inclusive hiring and dispel the myths surrounding people who have a disability.


Professional Learning & Development Webinar Series

Stay up-to-date on featured research projects with the Professional Learning & Development Webinar Series, brought to you by Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services and Partners for Planning.

Living The Vision - Featured Image

Living the Vision

We all share a common vision – to see people with a developmental disability live full, meaningful lives in our communities.  Community Living Welland Pelham, C. Fast Consulting and Partners for Planning have created this Living the Vision module on independent facilitation, which helps to keep a person’s visions, desires and wishes front and centre.  Learn more about how planning and facilitation supports can help people and families start living the vision for their life.

Christian Horizons Workplace Learning Logo - Live Classes and E-Learning

Workplace Learning

Onboarding new hires to a Developmental Service agency has never been easy. But never has a challenge been so significant as through this global pandemic, which requires collaboration and cooperation whenever possible. In response to this, Christian Horizons Workplace Learning is now offering their services at NO COST. These services are offered with support from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).

Title: Re-Imagining Change: A Workbook for Creating, Embracing, and Harnessing Organizational Change. Picture of a group of people sitting around a desk, one person is pointing at presentation board while the others observe. The KTT Reviewed stamp, KTT logo and Real Exchange logo are at the bottom of the image.

Re-Imagining Change: A Workbook for Creating, Embracing, and Harnessing Organizational Change

Now, more than ever, is the time to think strategically about change and this workbook provides a whole new frontier of change management. In this module you will be introduced to the fundamentals of the workbook and how to engage with the workbook meaningfully.

Featured image: jobPath - Curriculum-Based Employment Services Module

jobPath: Curriculum-Based Employment Services Module

This module will introduce you to jobPath, a curriculum-based program for employment service providers and other community organizations that currently operate or are planning to operate an employment program for job seekers who have a disability.


Having Tech on Deck: Using Technology in the DS Sector

Learn about the ways technology can increase communication, collaboration, and capacity in your organization, so that you can better support the people you serve.


Cultivating Community Wellness

The Cultivating Community Wellness Initiative, funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, seeks to support the mental health of Direct Support Professionals amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The goal of the Cultivating Community Wellness Initiative is to bring people together from across the sector to develop skills, to help each other through regular sharing and connecting with one another.


Developing a Partnership for Employment Service Delivery

This module will help you determine if establishing a partnership is a useful tool for your organization, to provide information on how to create a partnership with one or more organizations to support or enhance your program delivery, and to share with you some examples of partnerships in action.

English - Featured Image - EMF Projects

Employment and Modernization Funded Projects: A Look Back at Initiatives from 2015-2020

Through the Employment and Modernization Fund (EMF), developmental service agencies were supported to promote person-centered approaches in inclusive, community-based settings through a collaborative and efficient service delivery network.  In this module series, we will focus on five themes derived from these projects, sharing the body of knowledge culled from these initiatives.


Knowledge Translation & Transfer: Myth vs. Reality

Debunk common myths about knowledge translation and transfer, learn more about what knowledge translation and transfer really is and form a knowledge foundation to grasp concepts found in additional modules on the REAL Xchange.

Title: A Brief Introduction to Knowledge, Translation and Transfer. Blurred photo of people sitting around a table with a lightbulb in focus in the center of the photo. Real Exchange and Knowledge Translation and Transfer logo displayed under the photo.

A Brief Introduction to Knowledge, Translation and Transfer

This module will teach you about what Knowledge, Translation and Transfer is, how KTT helps to improve the quality of supports provided to people, understand the value and importance of sharing information in a timely manner and why KTT is a continuous process.



eVantage was a pilot project that looked to revolutionize employment services by putting mainstream technology in the hands of people with disabilities, employers, and service providers helping to make workplaces more inclusive.

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