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Mentoring services give you a head-start.

Connect with leaders from across the sector to help when taking on a new role, implementing new initiatives, or modernizing existing programs and supports.

Mentors are:
  • Experienced leaders with a good grasp of budgetary constraints, quality assurance and compliance requirements affecting agencies in the DS sector
  • Prepared to bring learnings, tools, strategies and guidance to your project, saving your organization time and money
  • Knowledgeable leaders with a modern approach to supports and services

The KTT network will provide resource rich support and guidance to organizations interested in transforming the delivery of their services.  You will immerse yourself in learning from experienced sector leaders about the best practices, success stories and practical tools for a modernized approach to accelerating positive change, both within yourself or within your agency.  Mentorship is a flexible option that can be tailored to suit your needs it can be peer to peer, group or a combination of both.  

Are you passionate about information-sharing and think you would make a great Mentor?  Or are you looking for Mentorship to boost your skills and help meet your career goals?
Click on the appropriate button below to apply today!

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