­­­­­­­­Tech Talks facilitate discussion & sharing amongst service providers on topics including but not limited to:

  • Current technology available and in use
  • Agency experiences implementing technology in both business operations and supports
  • Innovative technology practices
  • I.T. support issues
  • Cost-effective use of technology
  • Ethical considerations
  • Technology-related policies and procedures
  • Opportunities for collaboration on technology related projects and initiatives

Tech Talks are facilitated by our Manager, Planning and Technology Supports and take place via videoconference.
Dial in numbers are provided as well.

We can share content on screen to enhance learning and accept questions via chat.

Guest presenters from our sector and beyond will join Tech Talks as appropriate for the topic.

All members are notified of upcoming Tech Talks. If you haven’t yet, become a member of REAL Xchange so you don’t miss out.

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Upcoming Tech Talks

Monday, November 21st 11AM - 12PMForging Ahead with Smart SupportRegister HERE
TBDTechnology in Agency Operations
TBDCyber Security, Threats and Trends